Friday, November 8, 2013

The Statue of a Wild Chicken in Vietnam

What makes the statue of a giant chicken important in a small town in Vietnam? You also ask us, so we have set out to inform you about it so that we can bring this curious story today. We go to Vietnam today to visit Lang Dinh An, a small town also known as Chicken Village in the travel guides. At first, Lang Dinh is a normal, ordinary town, without any charm. The vision changes when we meet the giant chicken.

To know the reason, we have to keep in mind the tradition. In this place, it is the woman who leads the house and who must pay a dowry to her future husband before marrying. Years ago this dowry consisted of 20 sharons (a typical garment) woven by hand and the spurs of a wild chicken that lived in the mountains. From this point, the legend comes into play.

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According to the story, on one occasion a girl went to the mountain to capture the wild chicken. She never returned, and a few days later she was found dead in the forest. Because of the anger they felt, the girl's family sent the boyfriend to look for the chicken and finish the work that she had left halfway, but fate wanted him to die too.

From that moment, the custom of providing the spurs of a wild chicken as dowry was suppressed. It was then that the statue of the giant chicken that we found in Lang Dinh An was raised, in memory of the couple who could not get to marry.

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