Love and Vodka in a Van through Mongolia

Days go by in our van in Mongolia. We are in the Mongolian backcountry right now in the vicinity of Kharkhorin. This morning, it's cleaning up in the van. It must be said that it needed it! We almost got everything out. There are duvets, mattresses, cushions, provisions, wood for fire but originally, the goal was not at all to make storage.

It all started last night. We just went to bed when I suddenly got up. It's been several nights that we have nothing to drink, and all of a sudden, I remember that there must be a bottle of vodka somewhere. And here I am at 11 o'clock in the evening rummaging through the van in search of this bloody bottle.

But what fly stung me? I assure you, it is not at all alcohol. But tonight, I cannot sleep, and it is absolutely necessary that I find this bottle. Unable to put my hand on it, I fall back on a firecracker. And here I am rolling a seal sitting on my bed.

And that's how we find ourselves the next morning to get out of the van to get our hands on this famous bottle that we will not find elsewhere. But at least, it allows us to inventory the provisions we have left. Not much, but luckily we come across old pots of tomato sauce and even a box of candies! Awesome! We'll have to redo some shopping soon.

We are far from starving but we lack what to embellish the ordinary. We have no more water either. So we need to draw water from the river and boil it. Our epic through the Mongolian steppes continues. Our goal of the day is to reach the city of Khujirt to go to enjoy its hot springs and spa! Yes, you read correctly. There is a spa! Is it worth mentioning that since we left Ulaanbaatar, we still have not showered! Yes!

Fortunately, we enjoyed a sunny morning to wash in the river. But it was already last Monday. And we had not washed our hair. I'm not far from the dreadlocks. So much to tell you, that a good shower in a spa, makes us fantasize like crazy in the van! But already if there is a pool of hot water, it will be enough to our happiness.

The road is very bad, with lots of stones on the way and it is difficult to drive. And the weather is deteriorating more and more. Wind and rain give way to snow squalls. I begin to worry about the evolution of the situation. If the snow continues to fall, I fear that we will be stuck because the roads will no longer be passable.

We ended up arriving all the same in Khujirt and we park in front of the spa! There is a glimmer of hope but soon showered with bad news. The weather forecast is very bad and I prefer to leave immediately, for fear of getting stuck here. Oh what a disappointment! I am disgusted, but hey,

Fortunately, we can still catch up a little the same evening. We are back in Kharkhorin, the ancient capital of Mongolia. And there are public showers! Well, it's just a trickle of water at a temperature a little random to adjust. What a pleasure to feel clean again, with the hair washed and disentangled and more!

We were able to refuel in the market where I bought unpeeled pine nuts and the Mongolian vodka flows freely inside the van. I'm freaking out, and we're not alcoholics anyway! We return to park in front of the cemetery where we woke up by chance the other day, because we loved this place. It's not at all morbid, just magical and incredibly calm. The night is cold with the snowflakes still falling, and we make love inside in the warmth.

Day 2

After a nice day of sightseeing in Kharkhorin, and a campfire evening in the steppes, we continue our way back to Ulaanbaatar. In the middle of a path, I take the opportunity to make a stop of a kind a little peculiar. I see that we are in a whole field of wild marijuana. Oh good? I must admit, I do not know what it looks like.

I never got a green thumb, and gardening is not my thing. And here I am drawing out my GPS and notebook and carefully note the geographical coordinates of the place! And here we go again, with some extra provisions aboard the van! We will arrive in Ulaanbaatar the next day. Our Mongol adventure is over. We head to China now!

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