Dancing Mirrors by Rakhi Sunil Kumar

Dancing Mirrors by Rakhi Sunil Kumar is a modern tale of love. It is set in an era, of ours, where the virtual is confused with reality, but where even those souls, simple, secluded and solitary meet. Here is the story of Naina Handa, who lives in London. Suddenly she discovers a wonderful world that until then was completely unknown to her.

She joins Facebook and her life changes, as she is populated with characters that are a bit real and a little fake, good, bad, enigmatic, shy. And among these, is even a lover, Raj who stays in Shimla. One day she meets Aaryan Oberoi, full of energy and life, upsetting Naina's life. She falls in love with him, and he then tries to convince so that she agrees to marry him. Eventually it turns out that she feels the guilt and starts rekindling her old love.

At this point I will not tell you anything else, I would take away the pleasure of following what happens to the neophyte Naina. The finish is absolutely unpredictable and leaves a kind of sweet melancholy.

The author does not disappoint. Indeed, you would like the book not to end with an intelligent, refined, and a subtle and elegant sense of humor. It is impossible to better describe the unconditional love of a couple and the survival instinct. The authors formidable irony, the freshness of her writing, the tenderness she puts in the characters, makes the book still classify as a pleasant reading. It has a very nice psychological implication.

I lost time reading this sliding, exciting and delicate book. The idea of ​​facebook dependency had attracted me. I cannot let myself go, to appreciate the author's delusions concerning the conclusion. My little practical mind appreciates stories in which the conclusion is consistent with the story.

The book reads willingly and easily. It is a nice story without great suspense, but it makes a lot of thinking. A melancholic book, especially in the relationship that comes with new technologies,and warns against certain risks. The story is light and flows well in a nice book, but perhaps a little obvious.

Written well, with the fluid and compelling style the book is cute but unpretentious. The book is like taking a walk in the woods as it is soothing! It is a delightful fairytale and surreal that bears the unmistakable signature of the author and that made me smile and move.

The protagonists of this modern fairy tale, are very current. I spent a nice afternoon with its protagonists, described in a very realistic way. Personally I think it is a book that should warn of a pathological addiction that already has a name. An engaging story for the originality of the proposed theme, but chapter by chapter the story became increasingly obvious. The ending is unexpected but unreal and far-fetched. The third-person language is simple.

It is a nice story, funny but also very moving. I read in no time as it is really very pleasant. Fast and easy to read, the book is full of ideas to reflect on how easy it is to take refuge in virtual reality rather than face real life that, instead, runs alongside.
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