Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Eating in India: Masala Dosa

We continue our journey through the most representative dishes of Indian cuisine. Today we will discover what is and how the dosa is prepared. It is a typical food from the south of the country, but easily found everywhere and besides, it's delicious. The dosa pronounced dosai is a very thin crêpe made with rice flour or lentils. After being fried on an iron plate, it is filled with the most diverse ingredients. Thus, we find mushrooms with cheese, mixed vegetables although the most common is the so-called masala dosa, stuffed with potatoes, vegetables, fried onions, and many, many spices.

This typical dish of southern Indian food reminds me of French crêpres, only that these are made of rice. The dosa is the name of the rice pancake stuffed with potatoes and vegetables. There are many types of dosa but the best known and specialty of the south is cooked with masala. It is served with different sauces that are poured over the pancake and that give it different flavors. It is in everyone's taste to include chilis in the dosa or not. What we have found here is that the restaurants do not serve dosas at lunchtime, only for breakfast and dinner.

The dosa is a dish of great success among the Indian population, something that is reflected in the long queues that form in front of the street stalls where this specialty is prepared. Its price, in addition, makes it accessible to everyone. A dosa in one of these carts is usually around 30 rupees. If, on the contrary, we ask for it in a restaurant, the price of the dosa can reach 60, 100 and even 120 rupees which cannot be considered a big price either.

Although it is a typical dish at breakfast time, its size and nutritional composition (low level of fats, many proteins, and carbohydrates) make the dosa an excellent choice to enjoy at lunch or at any time of the day. For breakfast, lunch or dinner; You'll find dosas everywhere in India, especially in the south of the country where spicy is much more present in the kitchen than in the north.

The masala dosas come to be a pancake or crepe style. Its interior is filled with potatoes, onions and many species. The smell and taste of cinnamon, coriander, and cardamom, among other species, will transport you to India again if you use them again in your homes. Today you can find this kind of species in any Indian store in big cities, as well as basmati rice imported from India of good quality. It is a very cheap dish, at most you will pay about 10 rupees for a masala dosa and it is a rich and healthy dish.

On the other hand, those who still tread with fear at the time of tasting the special flavors of India will find in this dish an "easy" way out of their fears. Since if you ask for little spice, the dosa differs little from any salty crêpe that we can find, for example, in France.


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