What you should and shouldn't do with your Facebook cover photo

What you should and shouldn't do with your Facebook cover photo

I'll give you a hint: it is visual content located at the top of your page. Exact! It's your Facebook cover photo.

Because your Facebook cover photo is one of the most visible parts of your Page, it's essential that you adopt good practices for creating and optimizing your photo, whether you use Facebook to generate leads, close sales, or build a community of customers. customers.

Read on to learn what you should do (and shouldn't do) for your Facebook cover photo.

What is a Facebook cover for?

The Facebook cover image is used to tell users, in a graphic way, who you are (what is the name of your company or business), what you do (what products or services you offer), who you are addressing (who is your buyer persona) and what your style is (formal, casual, daring, etc.). In short, it is an image that represents you in the best possible way.

The Facebook cover photo is public (just like the profile photo) which means that anyone can see it, therefore it must be consistent with the style and colors of your brand and be visually attractive. Below we share some examples of what you can put in your photo according to your industry or business:

  • Graphic design, art: brushes, paints, colors, fonts or samples of your work (logos, covers, illustrations, etc.)
  • Engineering, construction: tools, plans, projects or photographs of the constructions or installations carried out, machinery.
  • Livestock, agriculture: animals, fields, plants, flowers, tractors, farmers.
  • Electronics, software: Devices, cables, circuits, LED lights, codes.
  • Fashion, beauty: clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories, cosmetics, fragrances, models.
  • Gastronomy: tableware, kitchen utensils, fresh foods, spices, jars of preserves, wines, people preparing food, a banquet.
  • Teaching, education: facilities, campus, photos of students, blackboards.
  • Finance, banks: spreadsheets, graphs, calculators, coins, bills, piggy banks.

You can change or renew your cover photos according to the season: Love and Friendship Day, Mother's Day, Summer Vacations, Christmas, etc. You can also post a new photo if you have a promotions, launches, campaigns or an important event.

How long is a Facebook cover?

The Facebook cover photo is an image located at the top, spanning the entire width of the profile. Size characteristics should be:

  • JPG file 851 pixels wide, 315 pixels high and less than 100 kb (although it supports at least 400 pixels wide and 150 pixels high).
  • In the case of a cover photo that contains your logo, it is ideal to use PNG files as these offer better quality.

8 Tips to Improve Cover Photos for Facebook

  1. Follow Facebook guidelines.
  2. Use appropriate measurements for the size of your Facebook cover photo.
  3. Try to make your message primarily visual.
  4. Use a simple image, with a specific objective.
  5. Use professional photographs or designs.
  6. Don't put content behind the profile photo
  7. Review the composition of your cover photo, along with any elements outside the image.
  8. Create an experience for mobile devices.

1. Follow Facebook guidelines

It is important that the covers are not misleading or confusing and take care that they do not infringe the copyrights of third parties. You also shouldn't encourage other people to upload your cover photo to their personal timelines.

If you are found to be in breach of any of the above terms, Facebook may take action against your Page. Although Facebook does not explicitly state the consequences of violating the terms of these pages, it is best to follow their guidelines and community standards. 

2. Use the appropriate measurements for the size of your Facebook cover photo

Visualize how your photo would look in relation to the entire layout of the page . You don't want to spend a lot of time designing a cover photo that ends up not looking right when you upload it to Facebook.

Facebook cover images are displayed in a resolution of 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels high on desktop devices, and for smartphones the dimensions are 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels high.

Make sure your photo has the correct dimensions. Take this measurement as a base: 820 x 312 pixels. Please note that if you upload an image of a smaller size, Facebook will resize it to the correct size, as long as it has dimensions of at least 400 pixels wide and 150 pixels high. This automatic adjustment doesn't always guarantee that your image will look the way you want, so it's recommended that you work with the correct measurements from the beginning.

3. Try to make your message primarily visual

Don't get hung up on the old 20% text rule, as since 2013 Facebook has removed any reference to this rule from cover photos. But that doesn't mean you go overboard by adding too much text. Make sure it is a short, direct and powerful message that does not distract those who visit you. This way, your cover photo will be much more informative and interesting.

4. Use a simple image, with a specific objective

Consider your Facebook cover photo part of the “front page.” If it is distracting or of low quality, users will probably lose interest in your page.

Many of the best covers on Facebook refer to one main topic. They also use contrasts (empty spaces) as an advantage to highlight the theme. CTAs or Facebook buttons stand out very well in these cases.

5. Use professional photographs or designs

You can use a designer or photographer to create custom content for your company or business, but you can also use illustrations, vectors or professional photographs from image banks. These types of images have excellent resolution, but remember that some may have a cost per download, you may have to purchase a monthly plan or you can even find free resources.

6. Don't put content behind the profile photo

Please note that the profile photo will partially block your cover photo. Also consider that Facebook buttons or CTAs will appear at the bottom.

We recommend drawing an imaginary line down the middle of your profile photo and  keeping important content (like text and hashtags) above it . This is so that your message is not affected.

7. Review the composition of your cover photo along with elements outside the image

The profile photo, navigation menu, and buttons or calls to action also play an important role in the visual experience for your followers. Before approving the final cover photo, fully review how it looks with the rest of the elements.

Do tests and adjust everything necessary so that your cover is perfect in an integral way, to your liking, that is functional in terms of the text, image and what surrounds it.

8. Create a mobile experience

The percentage of Facebook users who browse this social network from mobile devices is 96%. That's precisely why it's so important to consider mobile design for your Facebook cover photo.

On mobile devices, a portion of your cover photo will be blocked, as your profile photo and Page name will appear over it. For this reason, we recommend that you do not place important content on the far right so that it does not appear cut off in the mobile version. Perform tests to verify that your design looks good; If it is not functional, make the necessary adjustments.

29 examples of creative Facebook covers

1. Rolex

On this cover of the Rolex watch brand, a product is shown in different ranges of colors, but the focus is on the center; They don't use anything else, not even a background. In moments, you can be direct and present your products or services, this immediately makes the user know what you offer. 


This cover is very visual because the Nintendo video game brand lends itself to it. The design takes advantage of this space to communicate a launch, with well-made art that draws a lot of attention from the audience that follows this brand. 

3. Disney+

The use of the cover as a space for a video has become widespread, which gives you the possibility of sending a deeper message, like Disney+, which runs a video on its cover to talk about the brands that make it up. Remember that the video must be short, with a specific message to be functional as a Facebook cover.

4. Milka

It is worth making an effort on your Facebook cover, as it is the first thing that users will see and you have to attract their attention so that they continue browsing your content. This is what Milka achieves, a candy brand that puts a photo of a purple cow that immediately attracts attention.

5. Adobe Latin America

Your Facebook cover can be a composition of symbols or shapes on a color; It is a functional resource that always gives a sober and professional view to your brand. Just think that the shapes you use are related and consistent with your products, services and your brand logo, as Adobe Latin America does in this example. 

6. Falabella Group

Your Facebook cover can be a space where you send a message to those who visit this social network. This is what Grupo Falabella does, which although it promotes clothing commercially, accompanies it with the purpose of ecology.  

7. DiDi Mexico

Remember that the Facebook cover photo should be changed periodically to refresh the view. So you can also align your campaigns in this space, as DiDi México does, which adds an image of the campaign it carries out on its other platforms, without any text, because it assumes that this communication has already reached people. through other channels and they will understand the reference. 


There are products that are attractive in their own right, that catch people's attention, even if they are not your typical audience. If this is your case, you can take advantage of good photos of your products to accompany your Facebook cover, as BMW did by presenting only one of its vehicles. 

9. Louis Vuitton

Although it is a challenge and you should not always resort to this resource, you can experiment with minimalist covers, that is, with few elements. Maybe with a solid color, an image or an object, even with text that can be a phrase or the name of your brand, like Louis Vuitton did. 

10. Maria Luque

Your Facebook cover can be a good showcase for you to present some of your work. This is very well suited for people who illustrate, design, take photographs or generate some type of graphic content. This example is from the illustrator María Luque.

11. Best Buy

If the space on your cover is well organized, you can present various images that may or may not be connected, but that represent something about you or your business. Here, Best Buy shows some of the products that can be found in its stores, but with a human touch to generate a concept of how happy you can be with one of its products.

12. NBA Latam

Whether with retro photos or with color nuances that give the feeling of time, your cover can have a vintage style. It is a resource that is very useful, because nostalgia will always be a factor that attracts people's attention.

13. Spotify

If you don't want to use photographs or images, you can create a powerful and eye-catching cover if you select the colors well, accompanied by text that really reflects something about you or your brand. Here you can notice how Spotify gives a message that does attract its audience due to its message and its design. 

14. Donut Factory

The Facebook cover should be dynamic, so you can change it in certain seasons or contexts. It is a strategy that helps you generate empathy and engagement with your audience. In this example, Donuts Factory uses the Day of the Dead or Halloween to create an attractive, very well designed cover.

15. Audi

Sometimes the important thing is not what you say, but what you show. So your Facebook cover can look great without an explicit message, but with an emphasis on the visual. Audi does it in this example, which stands out for its elegance.  

16. National Geographic

The Facebook cover can be used to promote something specific in your business. As it will only work for a certain amount of time, you should make sure it is very attractive and consistent with what you want to promote. 

17. Avianca

No matter what your activity or business is, those who browse your Facebook page will follow you if you connect with them and the cover can be the main trigger. Use your creativity to give a message that appeals to emotions, like in this example from Avianca. 

18. MamaLucchetti

If you have a successful and well-positioned campaign, for consistency it must be present at some point on your Facebook cover. Here we see the example of MamáLucchetti, an Argentine pasta company, recognized by its audience for its emblematic characters, which it takes advantage of in its cover image.

19. YPF

Using illustrations is something that catches people's attention and that they can even share. No matter what your sector is, this creative resource is attractive and captivating. YPF used it successfully on its Facebook cover, despite the fact that the image of an oil services company is usually more technical or less visual.

20. Denny's

If you're going to spend time designing your cover, do something that will truly impact your audience. For example, Denny's could have used food images, like many other covers, but took a bigger risk to give it a more conceptual and daring touch.  

21. Ben & Jerry's

Always remember that there are no restrictions (outside of technical issues) that limit your creativity. Try new things; If they don't turn out the way you wanted, you'll learn your lesson and then you can change your cover image. In this example we see a disruptive and humorous design that, without a doubt, attracts a lot of attention. 

22. Mr. Wonderful

Depending on your brand, the voice and tone with which you communicate, so should what you project in each environment where you are present, and the Facebook cover is no exception. If your brand uses certain colors, also manage them on this social network. In the following example there is brand alignment with colors, typography and message. 

23. Uneven

This is a resource that never fails: if we see that someone who uses a product or service is happy, we want to feel that way too. In this example, the Desigual brand presents some of its products with people who have the attitude and profile that integrates its audience.

24. Art Institute of Chicago

You can have great Facebook covers if you stay authentic and authentic. For example, the Art Institute of Chicago displays art on its cover; It is clear and speaks fully of what it represents.

25. Repsol

To have covers that attract attention you can resort to the use of vector images. These have been adjusted very well in the world of design and marketing because they allow many situations to be projected without the need for photos.  

26. The Simpsons

One way to highlight your cover is by creating an interaction between your cover and profile photo. This gives it a greater touch of imagination and reflects that you are really interested in giving something authentic or risky to those who visit you.

27. Carlsberg

As in the previous example, notice how the elements of the cover and the profile photo of this famous beer brand interact. This design tells us about an attractive and innovative brand, despite the fact that it has a great tradition. 

28. Bimbo

In the example that we show you below, Bimbo changed its Facebook cover photo, according to the season, alluding to autumn, with details such as falling leaves and earthy colors.

29. Nestle

In this case, Nestlé used its Facebook cover photo to promote an event called “Creators of Change,” a conference dedicated to young people that seeks to promote initiatives related to the environment and creativity. 

How to change your cover photo on a Facebook page

If you want to change your cover photo on your Facebook page, follow these simple steps:

1. Locate the "Edit" button 

On your page you will see your current cover photo with an icon at the bottom right that says "Edit."

2. Choose the option to upload photo 

Click “Edit” and it will give you options to choose a photo or video (that you have already uploaded to your page); create a presentation or upload a photo, that is, upload a new image from your computer. 

3. Upload the new image 

Click on the option you require, you can upload the new image from your computer or choose one of the ones you already have uploaded to your page.

4. Adjust your position

Once you have chosen a photo, click on it and drag it up or down to reposition it.

5. Save your changes 

When the position is to your liking, click "Save changes."

As you have seen, there are many ways to highlight your Facebook cover. Always seek to talk about your product in an original and creative way, but with a message or vision of what you or your company are. 

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