Kiwi Sorbet Recipe for Kids

The kiwi is a fruit from the pulp of green or yellow color produced by plants of the family Actinidiaceae, whose main variety is made ​​up of Actinidia deliciosa. Its skin is brownish tint and inside the fruit are numerous black seeds. Its flavor can be more or less acidic, depending on the level of maturity and its taste is refreshing.

The kiwi is a fruit particularly rich in vitamins. It presents a quantity of 85 milligrams of vitamin C per 100 grams. Eating a kiwi fruit a day helps to keep constant the daily intake of this vitamin for the body. The kiwi is low in sodium, but rich in potassium, a feature that allows you to rebalance the levels of these important minerals in our diet.

The composition of kiwi sees the presence of water for 84% of the fruit. It contains about 9% of carbohydrates and, for the remaining part of the fruit, traces of fat and protein. The kiwi fruit is a low calorie, able to make about 44 kilocalories per 100 grams of product.

In addition to vitamin C, kiwi fruit contains vitamin E, which is useful to protect our body from the effects of aging of the tissues. The kiwi is considered a powerful antioxidant . As regards mineral salts, 100 grams of kiwi provide 70 milligrams of phosphorous, 25 milligrams of calcium, 0.5 milligrams of iron and not more than 5 grams of sodium. The Kiwis also contain vegetable fibers useful to assist the smooth functioning of the intestine

The high presence of potassium (400 milligrams per 100 grams) makes a kiwi fruit especially recommended for those who suffer from high blood pressure, because at the basis of hypertension may be an imbalance in the relationship between sodium and potassium taken daily, that it is possible to balance the diet. The kiwi is considered a beneficial food in order to protect the body from diseases like cancer and for the protection of DNA.

The kiwi also helps to protect the body from disease, because of its high content of vitamins and minerals. According to a study conducted at Rutgers University, the kiwifruit is the greatest density of nutrients. Enjoy the kiwi can also be a help for those who suffer from asthma , since scientific studies have shown its ability to reduce the most typical symptoms, such as nocturnal cough attacks and breathing difficulties.

The fiber content of this fruit helps to decrease the levels of cholesterol in the blood, as well as to adjust the absorption of sugars in the course of digestion, while its wealth of vitamin C is considered beneficial not only in order to strengthen the immune system, but also to protect the blood vessels to improve circulation and reduce oxidative stress in our bodies.

Kiwi can be eaten not only the seeds and pulp, but also the skin, especially in the presence of an organic fruit, after it has been thoroughly washed and scrubbed. The very ripe kiwi can be divided in half without being sliced, to taste the pulp with a spoon directly. The kiwifruit can be used for the preparation of jams and jellies, alone or in combination with apricots and red fruits.

Can be one of the main ingredients in the preparation of salads or fruit skewers, on the occasion of the snack, a ploy that will allow the fruit to be loved by children. With kiwi and lemon can make a compote sour, suitable to match even in savory dishes.

A kiwi can be one of the fruits to be consumed at breakfast, after being sliced ​​and seasoned with lemon juice. It can be added to muesli and can definitely get to be part of the ingredients for making smoothies and detoxifying benefits to be enjoyed at any time of the day.

The kiwi can be also used for the preparation of pies, sherbets and ice creams, as well as icicles fruit healthy. The kiwi can be prepared with vegetables like zucchini and peppers in the preparation of summer salads. With the Kiwis can be prepared homemade beauty treatments.

A quick kiwi face mask can be done by pressing the pulp with a fork in a very mature fruit and mixing it with a teaspoon of almond oil. And therefore can spread it on your face and let sit for 15 minutes before rinsing your face with warm water. By kiwi seed extract is also an oil-free moisturizer and emollient, useful to make skin brighter and in case of eczema or psoriasis.

We propose a kiwi sorbet recipe to prepare a refreshing kiwi dessert, with a beautiful green color. This lightly carbonated dessert is pleasantly refreshing and suitable for all ages, is perfect on a sunny afternoon or after practicing sport or game outdoors.

In addition to cool drinks, with the heat we like slushies or sorbets much more. There is a great advantage to making these soft drinks at home, they are not made from powders and many sugars, but quite the opposite, the base and most of its content is natural fruit, as in this recipe for kiwi sorbet.

And to this we must add that slushies and sorbets are very easy to prepare and even that we can make them instantly if we previously prepare the fruit. There is almost nothing to do, just peel the fruit, chop it and freeze it. Then the food processor does the rest, so take note of the recipe for instant kiwi sorbet.

kiwi sorbet

Prep Time: 10 mins ♥ Total Time: 1 hour 20 minutes ♥ Yield: 1 serving

Nutrition: 93 calories, 0.6 grams fat


5 kiwis
100 grams of water
50 grams of sugar
1/2 lime


A few hours before making the kiwi sorbet, peel all the pieces of fruit, cut them into slices and spread them out on a tray. If you use a tray, it is advisable to wrap it in film. Put the kiwi in the freezer and leave it long enough for it to be frozen.

Also prepare the syrup with some time to cool, as simple as putting the water and sugar in a saucepan, bring it to the fire and let it come to a boil, then lower the temperature and let it cook for a couple more minutes. Remove from the fire and let cool. To make the instant kiwi sorbet you must use a powerful food processor. Add the frozen fruit, the juice of half a lime and the syrup. Blend until you get a creamy, icy paste.

Once done, you can serve it in a glass or tall glass, but you can also store it in a container with a hermetic lid and reserve it in the freezer, having it available at any time of the day. If you keep it in the freezer for several hours, before serving it should be at room temperature for about five or ten minutes, and thus be able to serve the kiwi sorbet comfortably, both in a glass or by making balls with the ice cream spoon.

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