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When I started planning the World Tour, I knew that I could not leave out a big one like the USA. For my part, I had visited the USA back when I was a teenager on one of the most memorable and dreamed trips that can be made. After that, I did not return to the US until now. That said, in my mind was only Super Bowl. When I started to search for flights I saw that it was better for me to arrive in Miami.

And obviously, I was not going to go by without seeing anything! So instead of just one stopover, I decided to stay a couple of days and tour this famous city. Obviously, we cannot tell everything, that is very clear. But documenting with images is worse than with words (imagine) so I will try to spin both things here. I will try to do it in a way that is interesting both for the American Football lover and for those who never saw it, focusing more on the "colorful notes" around the game than on the game itself.

The Super Bowl is the most important sporting event of the year for Americans. I can put it next to great festivities such as Halloween which I have already talked about earlier or Thanksgiving at the level of repercussion. If we look at the statistics, the consumption of food and drink skyrockets among the population that waits every year for this final of American Football as if it were Christmas day.

Even weeks before the final game, the cities of the United States are completely flooded with publicity about it. The days before the game the city is full of activities related or not to the Super Bowl that are an attraction for tourists who travel to see the final among their favorite teams. In fact, the Super Bowl gives surely the best advertising showcase of the year in terms of advertisers and all the hype is an event in itself.

To give an idea, about 30 seconds of advertising can cost more than 5 million dollars. So they tend to appear ads of major brands such as Pepsico, Coca-Cola, Carl's Jr., McDonald's, Budweiser. They take advantage of the premiere and promotion for great movies, series or video games and, of course, brands of luxury items such as cars, perfumes, etc.

Among the most memorable ads are those that have starred models like Cindy Crawford (Pepsi) or Kate Upton (Carl's Jr.) or other more grotesque as those who joined characters as far apart as Justin Bieber and the diabolical Ozzy Osbourne.

Normally, Americans take the opportunity to meet with family or friends to enjoy the company of the event. The most common places are the bars and the houses of the locals, where in this case it is a host who takes care of the reception and accommodation of the guests. The most consumed are usually the typical American snacks like macaroni and cheese (mac & cheese), hot dogs, pizza, chicken wings (buffalo wings), and burgers. They are accompanied with soda drinks (Coke, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, Mountain Dew) and, of course, beer for the elderly.

The Super Bowl is a global sports phenomenon like few in the world. Perhaps only the final of the Champions League, the European Championship or the World Cup is compared to it in importance. I dreamed of going to one for many years and this time I had my chance.

I arrived in Miami the day before. The whole city was revolutionized by the Super Bowl! On Saturday night there were parties everywhere. Some of them very expensive. The city was full of celebrities. I came across several former players, including Steve Young, a legendary San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Super Bowl MVP and an NFL Hall of Famer.

Sunday started with a jerk! I woke up at dawn.

And already at 12 noon, 6 and a half hours before the game, I headed for the stadium. The Sun Life Stadium is just like the Bombonera! Obviously, it has ramps and even escalators!

Arriving at the parking lot, with capacity for tens of thousands of cars, I was impressed by how orderly everything was. It was easy to get to and easy to park, similar to Disney, although the parking cost $ 100!

I imagined infinite security measures, but that also worked very well and in 10 minutes I was inside the stadium area. Inside there was an armed stage. There they broadcast several ex-stars of the Football like Dan Marino, Bill Cowher, and Shannon Sharpe. At the insistence of my cousin who was with me, we got behind the camera, going on TV to millions and millions of people!

There was also a music concert where they played several bands. There were many places to eat. There was a place where they exhibited the Vince Lombardi Trophy, and a kind of amusement park with a lot of big cages where you could throw precision passes, pass away and even kick field goals.

In one place I could be as close as I can be in my life to being a Green Bay Packers player! And we also met a guy who had a very striking microphone to record 3D audio. I had never seen anything like this and if you never heard 3D audio, do not stop experiencing it!

Then it was time to enter the stadium, where many of the players were doing the warm-up. Before the start of the game, there was a marching band that made a tribute to Michael Jackson and then sang the anthem, including one of the moments that I like the most. The flyby of fighter jets produces a rumble that shakes you all over the body. Unfortunately, the videos do not show the true magnitude of the noise.

Then came the moment of the entry of the teams to the field. And then yes, the kickoff came and the match started. I did not shoot much of the game because it's better to see it on TV. Something that impressed me was the quantity and quality of the cameras with which it was telecast!

And also see how in just four minutes they set up an impressive stage for the halftime show. It is impossible not to remember such important performances as Michael Jackson in 1993 with all the grandiloquent paraphernalia that the King of Pop had in his most successful years. Then the controversial performance of his sister Janet Jackson with Justin Timberlake or the rock classics as Prince or Tom Petty with all the American public surrendered to songs like "American Girl" or "I Won't Back Down".

Not to bore those who are not lovers of the game, I'll say just a few things about the game. I was lucky enough to see an exciting game. The awards ceremony was a bit far away. The exit was as calm and orderly as the entry, and once again I could see how, despite the fact that people in the stadium take a lot of beer, fans of the two teams can all be mixed without giving rise to the slightest fight.

In the balance, it was a magical experience, which I enjoyed intensely and I will remember for many years.
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