Best Places to Travel in November

November travel

Looking for ideas to organize your holidays in November. Find out where to go in the best destinations of the planet and the ideal cities to visit towards the end of Fall. When talking about November vacation ideas, Europe is way above any comparison with all other areas of the world.

Of course, if you intend to spend your holiday in November on the beach, sipping margaritas and dancing until the sun goes down, for the best place to travel in november for warm weather, you better turn your attention elsewhere but if on the contrary you want to discover the historical and cultural charm of some of the most beautiful cities in November, then Europe is just for you. Temperatures not overly cold and there are less tourists. These are the two main reasons why you should seriously consider the possibility of starting in November.

Best places to visit in november in asia

In Asia, Hong Kong enjoys a mild climate during this time, when it is sunny but a bit cold. And the period in which is held the Asian Arts Festival is an event not to be missed. You can also visit South Korea, where the fall colors are spectacular, under a blue sky and the warm sun. This is also a good time for Kazakhstan where the harvest season fills the markets with appetizing fruits and vegetables and you can admire the beautiful lakes, deserts of golden sand and snow-covered mountains.

Best places to visit in november in africa

In Africa, it is the perfect time to go trekking on a camel or walking or in a car with 4 wheels if you prefer in Mauritania which offers a warm and dry climate in this period. The sun is still shining in Morocco, Libya and Tunisia, where even now its prices are interesting. Its still possible to discover the riches of Egypt offering a month of really nice in November. Mali is also a good destination at the time, you could do a river cruise along the Niger who is now at the right height to allow the passage of boats.

Best places to visit in november in usa

In America, you can find good weather in South Florida and in Texas, Louisiana, Los Angeles , San Diego and Hawaii. Its also a good time to travel to Costa Rica that is approaching the dry season and the prices not yet reached high levels. It's also the perfect time to visit Las Vegas where the temperatures are still warm. You can also enjoy a stay in Saint Bart, with its idyllic climate, renovated hotels and low prices, before the invasion of tourists in the following months.

Best places to visit in november in europe

In Europe, the South still experience pleasant days. Depending on vintage and from the snowy conditions, some ski resorts can already be open to the public, and then you might have the opportunity to ski on the first snow of the season in France, Italy or in the Swiss Alps. Here's the best places to visit in november in europe.

Monaco, Germany

In India we almost do not know what is the autumn. Our seasons are almost summer, summer, still summer and Winter. But for those who want to really experience the magic of Autumn, Germany is the perfect destination. Forget the confusion of October, once the Oktoberfest gets over, this is the most relaxing city you could possibly want. In November the weather is cool, sparkling, colourful and amazing. And if you feel cold, you have two ways to warm up with a hot chocolate or a beer.

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Istanbul, Turkey

There is no better time to visit Istanbul than in November, when the weather is still warm and sunny enough, and the mass tourism has subsided for a while. Airline tickets and hotel stays are heavily discounted. What could be better than to see Istanbul in absolute peace and quietness?

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Budapest, Hungary

Known as the Paris of the East, Budapest is one of the most romantic cities in Europe for its beauty, particularly evident during the evening, when the city lights up and spreads magic like no other. A good reason to visit are the famous thermal baths. Thanks to its natural hot springs, Budapest welcomed visitors since the time when it was a simple Roman outpost.

Glasgow, Scotland

Most tourists tend to prefer Edinburgh to Glasgow, but in my opinion the latter is the best city in Scotland. Since the sky is always gray, Glasgow, will not be a problem to visit in November.
There are parks in every district and thanks to abundant rainfall, the trees and the plants are typically characterized by a particularly rich green color. In the autumn the colored orange landscape give away a stunning natural spectacle for the eyes. Another fun reason to visit the city is the Scottish philosophy of life: It's raining outside? Who cares, warm yourselves with alcohol. It offers plenty of beer.

Paris, France

In short, there is nothing to add. Paris is beautiful any time and is the most beautiful city in the world, as its romantic character is always great. The autumn atmosphere makes it more enjoyable. The attractions are less crowded and everything is cheaper. Could you ask for more? With hundreds of things to do and see from some of the major museums of the world, such as the Louvre, and magnificent religious buildings, such as the Sacre Coeur, and civilians, such as Versailles and Tour Eiffel. But do not forget Paris is one of those capitals to mingle among the locals, go in the boulangerie, take a drink made with cider and shop in traditional boutique.

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Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg is a medieval mountain town, especially charming in the fall. The hills come alive with colors and shades ranging from brown sienna to crimson red. The cold temperature becomes almost pleasant when you are in front of a hot cup of wiener coffee melange, perhaps accompanied by a portion of apple strudel. And because of the harvest time, we recommend you to taste the Sturm, a new wine available in the autumn season.

Avoid Central America in general, where the rains are still strong, and is better to wait until December or January. It is not advisable to go to Quebec, where several sites outside of the major cities are still closed.
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